Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Rules Changed Up On Me...

...I was just not aware. I don't know where I went when "they" decided to update, I must have been doing something so involved that the whole romance-dating game turned and stood on its head.

Now, here's the thing-- parts of me are very much for the equality of the sexes (heck, all of me is), but in matters of the heart, I remain stubbornly old-fashioned.

Let me clarify why I cling to the old-school ways before folks start going up in arms: I don't think that men should do all the bending over backwards while the ladies sit back and expect to be wooed, because it is "meant to be that way." I just truly believe the equilibrium is restored when men take that extra step to be central in a woman's life.

We women (on the most) are creatures who carefully deliberate on any actions we take. Nothing (important) that we decide in our life is thought up on a whim. So when we take our own steps forward to enter into a relationship (or even begin dating), we've already invested a bit of emotion and time into it.

At least I thought that's how it goes.

For all I know, women may have "evolved"(?) to be equal opportunity pursuers. How does that work? I am truly baffled. I still want to know that a person I am in a relationship with is putting in thought, effort and heart, too.

Hey, I'm willing to leap into the 21st century and compromise. Fifty-fifty is a good start.

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  1. Hi Phynne ~

    I don't really deliberate on any action I take. I make a snap choice and think once it's already over. But I do invest with my whole heart. :)

    Meanwhile, this is a quick note to let you know I left you an award at my blog:

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    I hoope you're well!!

    All the very best,
    Corra (TNBW) :)