Thursday, February 12, 2009


Just a bit of nonsense to alleviate a nasty case of restlessness. A muse (the muse!) decided to make a surprise appearance, and of course that turned me inside-out-topsy-turvy. Oh, what delicious hell we create for ourselves, eh?

The glass beads looked nice
Until I saw the crystals.
The beads now seemed cheap.

The crystals enticed.
Then in the display, diamonds.
It went beyond love.

How could I forget?
In your absence I believed
that less was enough.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I imagine the scent in that crease
where your collar meets your bone meets
your throat-- a swelling spice that disregards
your luminous beauty.
I revel in it on me, around me
within me, as my mouth blossoms to
the hollow where shell meets knob meets
smooth, fair column and cool, quivering sinew;
flesh. My tongue unfurls into the fine curve in praise
of your comeliness-- to dip into the essence
of almonds and verbena and crisp ocean-blue linen
the exact hue of your eyes that meet my eyes
as we welcome and spend our body's fury.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Con Canela

the last thought
to caress
at my mind
before I surrender to
the embrace of slumber.

I don't wait
for you with longing
just a sort of
that's bred by your
sudden, easy
familiarity. You can
become addicting, but I'd like
to insist you're not.

I think
I might simply find
rare comfort in your
eye-pleasing visage.